EPOC – Free start-up workshops in 2020

Free workshops in 2020

As part of our Erasmus+ project EPOC- Entrepreneurship a product of our culture (information on EPOC.live) we are happy to offer free half-day or one-day idea creation workshops to start up enterprises in the cultural, nature and tourism sector.

If you are an organisation, feel free to contact us for targeted workshops for your user groups.


Living STEM: Using Permaculture to boost STE(A)M education

Global warming calls for global action and we need to understand the impact each one of us can have. This starts at the very beginning of our education and comprehension of science. Living STEM project is created at the junction of those 2 topics.

Indeed, the issue of Global warmingis ever so central in today’s news and the younger generations have taken a particularly big interest in. Massive climate protests in many countries makes this generation of young people and upcoming ones particularly concerned with the fallout of climate change, and their preoccupations will be centralized around this problem.

To be better equipped to future challenges there is a great need for STEAM skill. However, today’s STE(A)M educationis often found lacking with 22.2% of European 15-year-olds present an underachievement in math and 20.6% in science according to PISA results, which shows a critical need forimprovement.

With youngsters feeling concerned about the environment on the one hand and the insufficient education results for the STE(A)M subjects which could help them resolve this in the future on the other hand, we are in a situation that clearly shows that scientific education is in need of an upgrade according to both institutions and the students themselves.

Living STEM is a project with the ambition to help with both issues. The objectiveis to use the practical experience of Permacultureto engage the students between 10 to 14 years old in the scientific subjects which would boost STE(A)Mresult but also encourage students to pursue a scientific career. While at the same time, sensitize them to the environmental issuesof today and giving them some keys and leads to a better, environmental-friendly, lifestyle.

The project would help them understand the basis of our production and consumption, but also the importance of a shift in the way we produce food and develop their critical thinkingat the same time.

Living STEM provides a full learning experience linking in-class learning and field activities with a gamification system, allowing children to discover the daily use of STEM in playful settings. The project would be a gateway to secondary scientific courseswhile raising awareness to the impact of Global Warming on the environment and promote an attainable, more sustainable lifestyle.

It also aims at creating relations between different stakeholdersto give them a network of sort that would support the different initiatives and to help teachers teach STE(A)M subjects and science through a different, more practical approach. It would also help them create a variety of exercises, games and field activities for children at a local farm or garden to discover scienceon the field but also in the classroom with preparatory lessons onkey concepts.

The idea is to make them discover the environment, food and nature through outdoor practical activities and games, which will allow them to observe and experience things directly for themselves. This kind of hands-on experience will stick to memory better and will also engage learners with Specific Learning Disorders more.

The project will produce:

  • The living STEM Manual
  • Gamification System
  • Deck of cards
  • Ideal kitchen garden Game
  • Ideal Menu Game
  • Practical STEM videos

The project will start in November 2019 and will last for 2 years.

ed-consult is proud to a partner in this project. For further information check our website http://www.livingstem.eu or contact us info@ed-consult.dk.

The Art of Leadership with Passion and Authenticity

Are you a great leader of your team or organization? Do you enjoy your role as a leader? Does your team admire you and work efficiently? If yes, you may be the ideal leader. If you are in doubt at times and have issues, if your team is often unhappy and does not work as smoothely as you wish, our workshop could help you to excel in your role as a leader of your organization or your team.

Two powerful methodologies will be merged – LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and HorseDream® – Horse Assisted Education and in a Real Time Identity process you will be taken on a journey to discover your subconscous and your inner self, detect any issues, and open up your unrealized potential to become to become a better leader – with passion and with values.

If you want to join us on this journey – you find more information about this total immersion workshop here: https://lsp-leadership.eventbrite.com

Next workshop: October 28 (afternoon) – October 31, 2015 noon

Max. 6 persons per workshop!

Special courses uses LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and or HorseDream® can also be adapted to the needs of your organisation – private or public. For further info contact the author: info@ed-consult.dk.


20% early bird discount – registration by September 20, 2015

10% early bird discount – registration by October 1, 2015

30% discount if you register two or more participants from your organisation

Unleashing your creativity and imagination


Unleashing your creativity and imagination …

Some of the key elements in Lego® Serious Play® are

  • Play: Learning through exploration, metaphors, and storytelling
  • Constructionism: Building knowledge by building things, making formal and abstract ideas more concrete and tangible, and thus easier to understand
  • Hand-mind connection: “Give your brain a hand” – using the hands to build 3D-models of pieces of knowledge, ideas and feelings to open up new paths and layers for free, creative, and expressive thinking
  • Imagination – creative, descriptive, challenging, leading to strategic imagination, the source of original strategies in organisation.

We now offer a 1-day introductory workshop, where you can explore the power of Lego® Serious Play® and get hands-on experience.  For more information see http://lsp-taster.eventbrite.com or contact info@ed-consult.dk.


20% early bird discount – registration by September 20, 2015

10% early bird discount – registration by October 1, 2015

30% discount if you register two or more participants from your organisation

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