Our expertise


Educational consultancy

We provide educational consultancy, training, project design and management, testing, and evaluation services. We offer our services in English, Danish and German.

Our customers

Large corporations, SMEs, and public and private organisations, such as municipalities, public authorities, NGOs, schools, colleges and universities.

Education and training – eXtreme learning in our  Duck Academy

We deliver extremely effective and motivating courses, workshops, idea cafés in the areas of innovation and creativity, change management, HR, Agile management, entrepreneurship, languages, communication, culture, eSkills, nature, (digital) art, tourism. and rural development – online and offline.

We are certified  Lego® Serious Play® Facilitators. We combine proven methodologies with highly innovative ways to enable deep learning and to reconnect to nature. Join us on our eXtreme learning ventures.

Event Organisation and Management

We assist you to organise unique, creative, and innovative konferences, events, workshops with our partners in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and Italy.

Research and development

We focus our research on play and learning and on the design and development of innovative collaboratory eLearning environments and learning scenarios in cooperation with international partners. Current themes are entrepreneurship, social inclusion, urban and rural development, cultural and natural heritage.

Evaluations and impact assessments

We have expertise in carrying out evaluations and impact assessments of national and European projects and programmes.

Major clients have been the European Commission and projects in the programmes LifeLong Learning, European Social Funding, Health, and Interreg.

We have a pro-active evaluation approach. We do not only assess your project using summative and formative types of evaluation. We also provide coaching, mentoring and support for your project team to make a considerable impact and develop Best Practices.

Project Design, Coordination,  Management, and Fund Raising

We are experts in designing, managing, and coordinating complex projects and deliver on time and to budget! We help turn your projects into sustainable best practice projects. Our focus areas are education, gamification, health, tourism, agriculture, green technologies, social entrepreneurship, and rural development.

If you want your project to succeed, contact us for a competitive offer!

Who we are 

ed-consult consists of an international team of partners with professional backgrounds in languages, education, social sciences, political science, art, anthropology, and agriculture. We deliver courses and workshop across Denmark and worldwide.


ed-consult,  Birketoften 6, Nymindegab, 6830 Nr Nebel and Mærskhusvej 2, Bork Mærsk, 6830 Nr Nebel, Denmark

Phone. +45 31550323  – Email: info@ed-consult.dk