Research and development

Current research, development and piloting

Growing-Green – Erasmus+

Easy-Gardening – Erasmus+

Re-Empathy – Erasmus+

LivingSTEM – Erasmus+

Erasmus+ project

Erasmus+ project

Empowerment through Empathy in Non-formal Education

Erasmus+ project

Previous projects

We are interested in joining project in the following research areas:

  • Playful learning for children, young people with social and learning disabilities, for enterprises
  • Reconnecting to nature: Therapies for people with social, learning, and other disabilities, for employees with stress symptoms
  • Collaborative eLearning methodologies, enabling deep learning
  • Lego® Serious Play®  methodologies and applications for different needs and target groups
  • Healthy, sustainable, and green living concepts and applications