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Unleashing your creativity and imagination


Unleashing your creativity and imagination …

Some of the key elements in Lego® Serious Play® are

  • Play: Learning through exploration, metaphors, and storytelling
  • Constructionism: Building knowledge by building things, making formal and abstract ideas more concrete and tangible, and thus easier to understand
  • Hand-mind connection: “Give your brain a hand” – using the hands to build 3D-models of pieces of knowledge, ideas and feelings to open up new paths and layers for free, creative, and expressive thinking
  • Imagination – creative, descriptive, challenging, leading to strategic imagination, the source of original strategies in organisation.

We now offer a 1-day introductory workshop, where you can explore the power of Lego® Serious Play® and get hands-on experience.  For more information see http://lsp-taster.eventbrite.com or contact info@ed-consult.dk.


20% early bird discount – registration by September 20, 2015

10% early bird discount – registration by October 1, 2015

30% discount if you register two or more participants from your organisation

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